The Pro Choice Liberal Movement Essay

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In this way, socioeconomics would also be affected if genetic modification was available for the public’s use. Procedures will be expensive; in vitro fertilization already costs nearly $20,000 in the USA without any genetic testing (Regalado 31). The application of improved intelligence, spatial reasoning, and other genetic enhancements will exponentiate these expenses, making genetically elite children available only for those who can pay. This will further widen the inequality gap, particularly when considering the species’ evolution. Are certain traits to be forced to extinction while others are selected? The issue, Stephen Baird notes, is that “there is no universally accepted ideal of biological perfection. To make intentional changes in the genes that people will pass on to their descendants would require that we, as a society, agree on how to classify good and bad genes” (15). This determination would lead to droves of social controversies and cultural disputes. What is typically overlooked, is that the embryos being discussed are indeed potential humans. The pro-choice liberal movement has allowed for a majority of this embryo termination and experimentation because embryos still fail to be considered as people in legislature. Genetic scientists operate on the assumption that if a twenty-three week old fetus can be aborted and killed, Americans should have no objections to tampering with the genetics of embryos. As a result, in IVF and PGD, unwanted embryos are…

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