Essay about The Principles Of Religion And The Family

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On August 13th, 1831 Nat Turner, an African American slave, brought about an insurrection against white families in Virginia. This revolt was very ruthless and indiscriminate in its slaughtering of entire white families and is considered the most successful slave rebellion of the old south. While Nat Turner had very personal reasons for the acts he committed, we can figure out the core reasons for slave resistance, by looking at the major principles of slave culture. Specifically, two major aspects of slave culture that gave slaves, including Nat Turner, reasons to rebel are the principles of religion and the family. By exploring these topics, the rationality behind Nat Turner’s rebellion becomes easier to understand.
In the early 1800s, African-American culture was a mix of western and African tribal culture. Aspects of both can be seen in their adaptations on Christianity and family values. Because of this, the root of slave resistance begins in Africa. Before the establishment of the slave trade, Africa was relatively civilized and progressive. Africans were relatively free, had established governments, and specialized in more subjects than just agriculture (lecture). However, when the western slave trade began African progression was placed at a standstill. Between 1525 and 1866, about 12.5 million African slaves were shipped to the Americas, tearing apart African tribes. These slaves were dehumanized and usually separated from their families. Nat Turners mother was one…

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