The Principle Of The Separation Of Church And State

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Register to read the introduction… What does the term “racism” mean? Racism is hatred or intolerance of another race or other races and cultures

17. What did the term “Counter-Reformation” mean to the Roman Catholic Church? The Counter Reformation is a reformation counteracting a previous reformation.

18. What were the six tribes of the Iroquois League? The six tribes of the Iroquois were The Onondaga Nation, Oneida Nation, Seneca Nation, Tuscarora Nation, Mohawk Nation, and the Cayuga Nation.

19. As part of Calvinist theology, what does the term “predestination” mean? The term predestination was the question of the control God exercises over the world.

20. What is the principle of the “separation of Church and State”? The principle is to maintain a distance in relationship between organized religion and the Nation state.

Who were the Quakers? They were a large group of immigrants that left England for freedom. 21.

22. Who was Metacom? Metacom was a Wampanoag chief who brought different American Indian groups together to fight against the English

23. What is an artisan? A artisan is a skilled trade worker, especially making things by

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