Essay on The Principle Of Affirmative Action

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Discrimination presents itself in different ways in society. Some is motivated by personal prejudice and some is motivated by government and introduced at a legislative level. People discriminate in different ways, some aim to benefit minority groups in society, while others aim to obstruct the minority. In order to achieve equality between all, as is arguably required in in a democratic society, it is necessary for the State to intervene for the good of society.
The principle of affirmative action is an example of discrimination in society. It is instituted on the basis that it assists minority groups who lack equal opportunity. The purpose of affirmative action, otherwise known as positive discrimination, is to compensate for injustices previously imposed on a group, to counter current grievances, and to prevent future inequity. Affirmative action policies are usually utilised in employment and educational settings.
In regards to employment, affirmative action takes into account unequal consideration given to those of non-white ethnicities, of alternative economic status, and frequently, of female gender. With the intention of providing equal opportunity in employment, affirmative action prohibits racially, sexually or personal bias and introduces goals for proportions of disadvantaged minority groups to be hired in a company. In higher education, affirmative action policies are introduced to maintain diversity and account for disparities in the ability to access…

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