The Press And Police Reports Essay

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Frequently during the case, the press and police reports overlap and influence each other, but each creates a separate image of Jack the Ripper. Many inquests were published in the newspapers, but they did not contain the details of the police reports. The police reports also contain many letters written by the press to the police or written by the police to the press, showing their constant interaction throughout the case. The most prevelant interaction between these two groups was the press’ criticism of the police. The police were dealing with the usual string of criminal activity in Whitechapel, and they had no leads in Tabram’s case, so once again the murder was thought to be the work of one of the area 's gangs.
Dew reflects that once Nichols was discovered, a pattern of severe mutilation in the genital area emerged. The first whisperings of serial murder began circulating in the newspapers. The police were now putting more men on the case, however they were stuck on one point: no identifiable motive. Inspector J.H. Helson 's report listed one suspect: “Jack Pizer, alias Leather Apron, has been in the habit of ill-using prostitutes in this, and other parts of the Metropolis.” Although the police had no evidence against this notorious Jewish man, they wished to bring him in to be questioned. This was likely due to the pressure from the public of Whitechapel brought on by the newspapers accusing him of the murders.
The Star remarked on September 6th, 1888, “The hunt…

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