The Preacher And The Politician Clarence E. Walker Essays

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In The Preacher and the Politician Clarence E. Walker and Gregory D. Smithers reveal that the United States election reopened the great tensions between the Conservative shite Christianity and the racial and social issues on the ballot. The resurgence of these racial and social issues and the admonishing response from many leaders in American Christianity within the last decade serve as a great reminder that reconciliation and unity remains a distant destination. Walker and Smithers contribute a clearer understanding of the ingrained identity and nationalism of Black Christianity in the midst of a “postracial”
American society. Walker and Smithers acknowledge, “The increasingly popular “postracial” theories in effect proclaim whiteness as normative.
“ While this statement has been suggested throughout our course, the review of the 2008 presidential election presented many examples in the incoherent whiteness of the American culture. As Americans cast their votes they revealed their ethics and direction that they wished for the future of America. While the most notable issue on the ballot was the election of our first black president, Walker and Smiters remind us, ”the fact remains that on November 4, 2008, voters in many states also cast ballots on initiatives relating to abortion, affirmative action, and gay marriage, initiatives that underlined the hotly contested— and interrelated— issues of race, gender, and sexuality in modern America.”
The results of these…

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