The Practical Reasons For Sociology Essay example

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Man-kind has a long history of attempting to formulate explanations for the unknown. Sociology is just one of many fields that illustrate our overwhelming urge to find answers. We also seek, through sociology to label what we observe and give an organization to it. Whether it be researching socialization, social structure, deviance and crime, or even race and ethnicity the goal is interpret the findings and help explain some facet of our vast and complex social systems.
There are many practical reasons for sociology in our own lives; it isn’t just something that sociologists study and then publish articles about. Sociology requires us to rethink the stereotypes that we have about others and the world around us. Also, sociology permits us the chance to understand that our opportunities and limitations exist because of the routine way that events unfold in our world. For example, a lack of money can keep a great number of people from achieving extraordinary goals. Though money does have a strong hold on some opportunities, there exist some that a person can exploit with little money but the right amount of perseverance and determination. Knowing one’s limitations shouldn’t keep an individual from trying; it should make them try harder and provides them with an idea of what they ought to do to overcome those limitations.
Additionally, sociology allows us to take an active role in shaping our own lives and our world rather than passively resigning to the stereotypical views set…

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