Power Of Words In Social Work Essay

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Considering the power of words, describe social workers’ responsibility for and influence over those vulnerable clients we work with. Please incorporate the NASW Code of Ethics in your discussion. The power of words can be uplifting, encouraging, and empowering for our clients so we need to be aware of our words and actions when helping clients are job is to be helpful not to do harm. The NASW Code of Ethics states our ethical responsibilities to clients which include the following listed below.
1.01 Commitment to Clients which is to promote the well-being of our clients.
1.02 Self-Determination which is to respect and promote the right of clients to self-determination.
1.03 (a-f) Informed Consent which has to do with clients giving consent.
1.04 (a-c) Competence which has to do with the social worker
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1.07 (a-r) Privacy and Confidentiality which means a social worker needs to respect a client’s privacy and confidentiality and all the things included under this code.
1.08 (a-b) Assess to Records means the clients have rights to the records and the social worker should protect those records.
1.09 (a-d) Sexual Relationships with Clients a social worker should never have sexual relationships with clients or engage in sexual activities with clients or former clients.
1.10 Physical Contact means a social worker should not engage in physical contact with a client when there could be psychological harm and if social workers engage in appropriate physical contact with clients they are responsible for setting clear, appropriate, and culturally sensitive boundaries that govern such physical contact.
1.11 Sexual Harassment a social worker should never sexually harass a client.
1.12 Derogatory Language social workers should use respectful language in all

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