The Power And Impacts Of Imf ( International Monetary Fund ) Essay

1338 Words Jan 14th, 2016 null Page
The first source is demonstrating through an image, the power and impacts of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) who is an organization in charge of providing short term financial assistance for poor countries as well as monitor exchange rates. The first source shows an image of a man wearing a suit, representing the IMF due to the acronym of ‘IMF’ on his suit and a scrawny boy who is offering him a bowl in exchange for a loan which the man is carrying in his hand. The source’s perspective is that one of the responsibilities of the IMF is to provide loans and financial assistance to countries around the world, especially poor or developing countries. However the source is showing the IMF in a bad light, because the source is demonstrating through imagery that the IMF is taking away everything the under developed countries have, symbolized by the bowl the boy is holding, in exchange for a loan which the developing countries will have to pay back with interest. Therefore the source is demonstrating the fact that the IMF is not a lenient organization towards poorer countries and will take advantage of their situation by helping them with their financial problems temporarily, taking away most of the countries’ resources and will then force them to pay it all back plus interest after taking away everything the developing countries have, whether it be their money or resources. This links to economic globalization, because due to countries being interdependent when one country…

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