The Power And Authority Of The Church Essay

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During the early 17th century, many people were still very divided on the issues concerning the motion of the earth and the sun. The church argued for geocentrism while many other scholars and individuals argued for heliocentrism. However, this fight over the Earth’s movements was not only centered around the natural sciences, but the interpretation of the bible (Westman, 11/8). This discussion included a debate on the power and authority of the church due to the Bible influencing the view of the natural world and a large part of medieval people’s life. It was clear to members of the church, like Cardinal Bellarmine and Pope Urban VIII, that heliocentrism goes against the Scriptures and thus God’s word, but people like Galileo and Foscarini tried to prove that the scriptures and heliocentrism do agree with one another. Galileo uses his observations found from using his telescope to argue for earth’s movements and takes a safe route by not directly critically analyzing scriptures and appealing to the authority of the Church. Along with this, Galileo makes observations about the language of the Bible and the way it is interpreted. Foscarini, on the other hand, is very open about his goals and interprets seemingly contradictory scriptures to agree with the Copernican model. Bellarmine and Pope Urban VIII, on the other hand, turned to the Fourth Session of the Council of Trent and skepticism in order to defend geocentrism and the church’s authority.
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