The Positive Effects Of The Minimum Wage

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Lots of women are working as lowest-paid workers. There still is gender income inequality throughout the country. Some of them are also single parents. It is pretty hard for these women to live a life with that income let alone raise a child. Sometimes women don’t divorce their abusive husbands fearing that they won’t be able to live on her own with that little earning. That is why it will be hugely beneficial for the women in this country especially the lowest paid ones. Even though, only lowest 10 percent will have increased income if minimum wage is raised, over 30% of the lowest paid women will have more income if that happens (Belman and Wolfson 404).
Minimum wage is also associated with health. The more money someone have, the easier
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Extent of positive and negative effects differs in different situations. It is necessary for federal government to analyze the situation and decide whether minimum wage should be increase. At the present the positive effect is more than the negative impacts of increase in minimum wage. So minimum wage should be increase to provide better life for the lowest paid workers. There are lots of situations where there is no correct path to take. Each path has both pros and cons. Issue of increase in minimum wage is such an issue. Both side of the arguments are correct. But, decision has to be made by calculating overall benefits of each side. Whatever is more beneficial should be decided. If both sides can be merged with little compromises from both side, that would be better. According to economists who wants the minimum wage to raise, Society shouldn’t advance leaving the poor people behind. They should at least be compensated enough to …show more content…
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