The Population Of Christians On Singapore Essay

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The population of Christians in Singapore is alive and well, and is a result of great growth within the last forty plus years, but based upon the foundation of those who laid the early groundwork of faith. It is said that “In 2000, The Protestants numbered some 245,000 comprising almost ten percent of the total resident population.” This is a great increase from three decades earlier. At that time there were only a miniscule amount of Christians inhabiting this land, to the point that the belief in Jesus Christ almost didn’t exist in the land. Indeed, things have now changed. It can now be said, that not only has Christianity increased, but indeed the Pentecostal movement has overlapped that of evangelistic Christianity. We then look at what happened to proliferate this massive increase in faith within the Singapore inhabitants. One ultimately knows that this growth is caused by believers fulfilling the great commission to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19, NASB), and the Holy Spirit’s move upon the lives of unbelievers unto Christ Jesus. Ultimately the growth of the Christian population has been a result of seeds planted and watered. The increase was then given by God. The country of Singapore during the twentieth century went through a challenging time as the Japanese attacked and held it for over three years. Later, it would become a British colony. However, just as had happened in America, over a period of time, the Singapore population…

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