The Popularity Of The Great Backlash Essay

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The Great Backlash was a surge in conservatism that arrived onto the national stage in response to the liberal environment of the 1960s. The backlash continues today and mobilizes voters with controversial social issues that are attached to pro-business economic policies, i.e. cultural anger is used to achieve economic gains. By focusing on issues like abortion, the Republican party can create financial benefits for the affluent -like tax cuts and union busting- because the single issue voters will accept anything that coincides with their dominant issue. Since there’s a strong rhetoric in the GOP that the elite, wealthy, and well connected are actually making the decisions and working against traditional social beliefs, working class voters are content continuing to elect Republican politicians, despite the lack of change. Within the modern conservative era, the ideals that sparked the Great Backlash persist and explain how the GOP had significant success in the 2016 elections. The idea of Kansas is synonymous with images of down-home, homegrown, true Americans, and never is it brought up how one of the richest neighborhoods in the country, Mission Hills, exists within the state. However, despite this, Kansas is still able to present itself as an aristocrat of commonness within American politics. Even if a politician is from Mission Hills, they can still peg themselves as an authentic, rugged American. Kansas votes Republican consistently, which is an interesting…

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