1980 Presidential Elections

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Presidential Elections of November 4, 1980
The presidential election of 1980 characterized a race between the following candidates: Ronald Reagan (for the Republican Party), Jimmy Carter (for the Democrat Party), and John B. Anderson (Independent), were running – at that time – for the presidency of the United States. During the period of time – and after – the president election of 1980, some democrats came to be recognized as “Reagan Democrats.” Democrats gave millions of pivotal suffrages to the Republican candidate. The charming and captivating – first – governor of California was victorious over Carter. With all the issues President Jimmy Carter encountered during the year of 1980, it was slightly amazement that he was hard overwhelmed
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He still proposed to create new jobs in order to better the economy in the country. Perhaps the most damaging issue of all President Carter was the situation in Iran, where more than fifty Americans had been held hostage by Islamic fierce. The hostage crisis helped - in a great manner - to a general public appreciation of the Carter’s administration as undecided and lacking of power to perform demanding tasks, and the unsuccessful rescue mission strengthen Reagan’s charge that the Democrats had permitted the country’s army to decline seriously. The issue of Iran damaged his image very bad at the end of his presidency term. Also, for responding late to issues regarding USSR invasion of Afghanistan and Iran hostage crisis that the population in the United States considered very important and sensitive. According to the article, these events frightened Americans, during that time (Woodger & Burg, 2006). Although he claimed and increment of 8 million jobs and a cut in the budget shortage by the end of his term, many company pioneers and the population assigned …show more content…
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