The Popol Vuh And Genesis Essay

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The Popol Vuh opens by telling how the multiple Mayan gods created the Earth, everything it is composed of, and how they later create beings capable of worship. In Genesis, one God is responsible for the creation of everything, the most important being mankind. The Popol Vuh and Genesis are so similar that the Popol Vuh is sometimes thought of as a Mayan take on the Bible. The most paramount similarities are explaining the origin of humanity, illustrating the consequences for not following the rules set by the gods or of God, and the creation of everything on Earth. The Popol Vuh tells the story of how human kind began, the four Mayan gods attempt to make beings that are capable of worship, and reproduction so the worship will continue. The gods make animals first but they cannot speak and thus are not able to praise the gods, after the animals are created there are a series of trial people. The first in this series are the mud people, then the wood people, both of which the gods are not satisfied with, and finally the gods created the people made of maize. After the mud people were created, the gods found faults and said, “[w]e have made a mistake; thus let this be merely a mistake. It cannot walk, neither can it multiply. Then let it be so. Let it be merely left behind as a thing of no importance, they said. Therefore, they undid it. They toppled what they had framed, what they had shaped” (Popol Vuh 67). The people could not continue to exist on Earth because they had…

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