The Politics Of Health Article Analysis

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Anna Lora-Wainwright wrote the article “Of farming chemicals and cancer deaths: The politics of health in contemporary rural China.” The article was written to indicate the different theories behind the increasingly high rate stomach and esophagus cancer in the rural villages of China, specifically Meishan. Lora-Wainwright conducted the researcher for this article based on some of the theories of the local people in this village. One theory was that water wells were contaminated and therefore causing cancer. Another theory was that the working conditions of the farmers and their work with the chemicals were causing them to get cancer. The final theory was that the chemicals used on farms and larger manufactures were contaminating the food supply. …show more content…
The first connection that I made while reading this article was to the video we watched in class about the Nipah virus. The government was unwilling to look into the real reasons behind the death of its people and the pigs. The government tried to make it seem as though this was not a big problem and that it had an easy fix. Even though, the problem end up being much bigger then they could control. A similar situation has happened in this article, the government refused to admit they had a problem on their hands and were even unwilling to spend money on other problems. The wells in this village and other just like it were filled with polluted water and the government did nothing, even after testing. Also the pig farmers were the minority in their community and were low on the social economic status structure. The farmers who were being diagnosed with cancer were also low on the social economic status structure. Another connection I mad to this article was our latest discussion and readings about nutritional anthropology. The healthiness of the food these villagers were eating come up in the third theory about the cause of this cancer. This theory stated that there were harmful chemicals in the food that was causing these people to get sick. In class we have talked about how malnutrition can have a negative affect on health. The foods these villagers are eating have negatively affect their health. In order to live a person has to have the basic needs: shelter, clothes, water, and food. The food needs to be nutritional for a person to be able to live a long

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