The Policy Process Model Displays The Stages Of How Policies Are Made And What Occurs.

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The policy process model displays the stages of how policies are made and what occurs in each process. The model also aids in comprehending the policy actors in each process and in general the steps in policymaking. They are six steps in the policy process model, the first step is identifying a policy problem, the second step is policy formulation, the third step is legitimizing public policy, the fourth is policy implementation, the fifth is policy and program evaluation and the sixth is policy change. Identifying the problem is the first step; this step is not as easy as it seems. In identifying the problem, we have to make sure we don’t include politics in this process. When the problem is identified, we also have to dissect the problem and break it up more to identify problems within the problem. Discovering the source of the problem is not always a simple task, since there might be many theories of what the source may be; agreeing to one or narrowing them down is not feasible either. Agenda setting is the first process in the policy process model. Agenda setting can be described as policy actors trying to get a policy in the agenda or to get more attention. However, it is not easy to get issues in the agenda, since there are many issues that are fighting to get social and political attention. Obamacare is an example of agenda setting; in President Barack Obama’s first term, health care reform became more dominant and was ongoing in his second term…

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