The Plow That Broke The Plains Essay

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In THE PLOW THAT BROKE THE PLAINS, we see the power filmmaking has over a population. We are witness to propaganda by the United States government to raise awareness about the New Deal. At the very beginning of the film were presented with what looks like a still image reminiscent of Soviet propaganda imagery, in what looks like farmers and pioneers and covered wagons moving in a direction that is unknown to us, in other words moving towards the future. The cinematography alone is worth the price of admission as it conveys a sense of this wide, open area. What we get from the initial opening scenes is this overwhelming sense of potential and an understanding that this sky is truly the limit! About halfway through the film, along with the narration we 're starting to get a sense that things aren 't as well as they should be. This is coupled with the images of the land being scarred by the plow and the frustration of the farmers that own the land. It also appears to have returned to a theme previously set by Flaherty in which the industrialized machinations of modern man are clashing with the natural environment. Scores of tractors raked over the land in formation, grain chutes are compared with the canons of war, and as the tanks of war move in one direction, the tractors of industry moving the other direction and we are presented with an inevitable conflict. I found the imagery in this film to be almost terrifying. A great example of this is the rolling wheat harvesters…

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