The Planning Function Of Management Case Study

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1. The Planning Function of Management
1.1.a Why do managers need to plan?
Managers need to plan to set a direction for the business and so that everyone is on the same page about what the business is doing & how it will get there. (Community Tool Box, 2014) Planning also helps when measuring progress in the future to see how well goals are being met and what changes would be beneficial. (Topfer, 2011)
1.2.a Describe each of the main types of plans that workplaces use to meet their goals and objectives
Mission statements
A mission statement defines the purpose of a company, i.e. the reason for existing. (Hom, 2013) It will generally outline the overall goal of the company such as “To create content that educates, informs and inspires”. (Top
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The structure helps to ensure that everyone knows what their role is & involves and who has authority or the ability to make decisions (e.g. their manager). It may also be a legal requirement to have defined job roles and thus organisational structure. (CornerStone Education, 2014)
2.2.a Describe each of the main kinds of organisational structures workplaces can use
A formal structure ensures that staffs know what their role is (as they are written) and they generally are not permitted to perform outside of their roles. However, due to the nature of not working across different roles this can reduce productivity. Additionally, New Zealand Employment Law requires that all staff must now have a formally defined job role.
Staff may share many job roles. This can increase productivity, reduce staffing costs and staff in different departments may collaborate. However, it can also have the opposite effect of reducing productivity as staff may become overloaded due to performing so many roles. Staff may also be confused as to whom they report to or where to go for help. This type of structure is more common in small
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Make sure you include all of the steps in the system to show how it is a control.
Staff performance is reviewed annually. This involves meeting with the staff member and talking about their performance, what they could have done better, what they have done well. Staff will provide suggestions to improve performance and increase the pay rate, where necessary.
4.3.a How effective do you think the systems of control are in the business you studied?
I believe the controls are reasonably effective, however, they could be improved by reducing the time between appraisals.
4.3.b What key features/principles of controls did you observe (or what was lacking) to make you think their control processes were effective/ineffective?
Staff may be performing abnormally low, or high, compared to what is expected of them in their role. Due to the fact that performance appraisals are only conducted annually high, and low, achievers can take a very long time to pick up.
This means that it can take longer for those doing well to get a promotion and for underachievers to get performance coaching. Due to these reasons some organisations perform appraisals 6-monthly or even

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