The Plague Of The Black Death Essay example

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“People who were healthy when they went to bed at night could be dead in the morning” (Black Death). The Black death is a devastating plague that left many without homes and family. It lasted 5 years ending the life of over 20 million (Black Death). It began in 1348 (Kellys), and ravaged london in 1563, 1593, 1603, 1625, 1665 (Bubonic Plague) acting like fog, slowly crawling around and affecting everything in its grasp reducing the affected population 10 to 30%. There was never really a break from the plague. It would slow down in the winter; giving some serenity only to pick back up again in the spring. Even in the death of everything, new things were created by the remaining. The bubonic plague or fearfully known as the “Black Death” ravaged life on earth and has captured many souls keeping them hostage in a state of desolation for the Black Death has never left. The plague still exists to this day. “World wide up to 3,000 cases of plague are reported each year, in Africa, Asia, and south America” (What is it) “People are most at risk of infection when they are in areas where these rodents and their fleas are plentiful” Even today “People who are most likely to be infected include hunters, veterinarians, and those who camp or hike in areas where animals are infected with plague. Domestic cats or dogs also can spread the disease to their owners by bringing infected fleas into the home” “ In the United States, the last rat-borne epidemic occurred in Los Angeles in…

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