Bubonic Plague In The 21st Century Essay

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In the 21st century, people never hear about massive plague outbreaks in the world thanks to modern medicine. However in the 15th century, the bubonic plague was a highly contagious diseases that started out with symptoms of a cold but led to death. With unadvanced medicine, the hundred thousands of people infected could not be treated. Many times over the course of history in Europe and Asia, thousands of people lots their lives in the massive wipe outs that were caused by the bubonic plague. The plague was already on the decline around September of 1666 when the Great Fire erupted. The Great Fire killed bacteria that ended major plagues in London because the fire destroyed plague ridden houses and burning is scientifically proven to kill …show more content…
After a dry summer when water was scarce, there were abnormally strong winds coming from the east, this allowed the fire to rage for three days and scorch up to 13,200 houses in London. Around 60,000 to 80,000 people lost their homes. The newer brick houses defense was stronger against the fire than the older wooden houses. Many people tried to flee to the countryside where villages were more open to taking in refugees than during the plague. Many speculated that a foreigner set the fire. Londoners found their foreign scapegoat, a Frenchman was accused and hanged in October 1666 for his crime of setting the fire. London, slowly regaining strength, put in place the Rebuilding Act of 1667 to help start the reconstruction process. In the Act was a new city plan to help prevent another fire of this size from happening. The rebuilding for the new city layout cost approximately ₤10 million for public works. Private household and companies had to pay for their own rebuilding projects but public works such as churches, company halls, and the Royal Exchange were paid for by public funds and taxes on coal. These projects were funded by the taxes on coal. St. Paul’s Cathedral was also destroyed in the massive fire and it took about thirty five years to

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