The Picture Of Dorian Gray Essay

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When discussing who to blame for Dorian Gray’s actions in The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, normally people answer that it is Basil’s fault because he painted the picture, or that it is Lord Henry’s fault because he is experimenting with the boy, or that it is Dorian’s fault because he is the master of his own actions. However, very few people mention the painting itself. Dorian Gray’s portrait is what influences his actions.
Right after the painting is completed, Dorian throws a fit, which is very unlike him, about how he wishes that the painting could age while he stays young, and how society values beauty and youth. Even from the beginning the painting is influencing Dorian’s actions, and is what causes him to make that regretful wish. If the painting had never been completed, then Dorian would have continued on living his life as he had before, innocent and uncorrupted. However, the painting opens his eyes to who he truly is, and when referring to the painting, he even says, “‘I am in love with it, Basil’” (30). When two people are in love, they both often have influence over each other. This influence can be both good and bad, but the common saying is that love is blind, and that love has the ability to influence someone to only see the good, and to overlook all of the bad things. Because Dorian is “in love” with the painting, it has a certain influence over him and his actions. He tends to only see what he wants to see on the portrait. Wilde continues to…

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