The Piano Lesson By August Wilson Essay

1900 Words Sep 20th, 2016 8 Pages
Playwright August Wilson uses his plays to display the struggles of Black Americans living throughout the twentieth century. In fact, August Wilson uses The piano Lesson to uncover the hardships Boy Willie and his family face focusing on a time when his family was held captive as slaves to a chance to own his own piece of land. The Piano Lesson demonstrates the importance of family heirlooms and how no amount of money could ever replace the sentimental value they hold. Berniece and Boy Willie battle over whether the piano should be sold to help re-write the family name or should remain with Berniece because of the family significance. Although Boy Willie never understands the importance of the piano, Bernice knows the piano stands for not only her mother 's love but also the struggles their family goes through in order to get the piano back. If Boy Willie understood that the piano is not simply a musical instrument, but a symbol of family heritage and love, he would no longer be as willing to sell the piano for mere money. Boy Willie and Lymon drove to Pittsburgh carrying watermelons in a beat down truck Berniece believes they stole. Boy Willie is selling the watermelons in order to buy the deceased Sutter’s land. Although, Bernice believes Boy Willie killed Sutter to obtain his land while Boy Willie states the ghost of the yellow dog killed Sutter. The Ghost of the Yellow Dog, a spirit of Boy Willies father and other hobos burned alive in a train car fire started by the…

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