The Physics Of A Gas Essay

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A gas is a piece of matter that fills the shape of the container that it is in. It always has a uniform density inside the container even in the presence of gravity and no matter how much substance is in it. The atoms in a gas are not compressed unlike liquids and solids and move freely among each other. Even though they are not compressed, they ARE ABLE to be compressed in order to reduce its volume. When gas is heated, it gains kinetic energy, which makes the atoms move more rapidly. And when a gas is cooled it’s the opposite, and it slows down and loses kinetic energy. And if a gas inside a container is heated, the pressure inside the container is increased. And if the container is cooled down, the pressure decreases. If the volume of the container is reduced, the gas is compressed, leading to the gas heating up and having more kinetic energy. If the volume of the container is increased, then the gas cools due to decompression. Gases can also become solids or liquids if the temperature is low enough. If the temperature is higher, the gases can mix with other gases. Properties of a Gas include being able to expand in their container, being easy to compress, and being able to take up more space than solids or liquids that they once were.
Gases are made up of atoms and molecules which are spread far apart and most of the gas’s volume is actually taken up by empty space. the rate of expansion and diffusion depends on the temperature, volume of the container, and the gas…

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