The Philosophies And Philosophy Of Australia 's First People Essay

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All cultures have distinct social and individual worldviews that form a collection of beliefs (or stories) about the universe and life. Worldview is an overall perspective, derived subjectively, a sense of self, beliefs and value systems, philosophies, or ‘mindsets’ based upon individual interpretations of the nature of reality and self-understanding. The worldviews and philosophy of Australia’s first people’s convey plural perspectives through song, dance and stories. Indigenous people’s philosophies contain many similarities to my own ideals for ‘being’. My worldview is who I am, my lived experience and acquired knowledge.

The Dreaming is a cosmogony, or account of the universe’s creation. It is also a cosmology, explaining the creation and formation of beings and an orderly system of values and truths. (Stanner 1979, pp. 60 – 61). Edward’s (2007 pp.1-15 ) questioned the origins of early Aboriginal peoples’ and the length of time Australia’s first people had inhabited their continent. Edward’s proposes that Aboriginal myths can be interpreted as narrative tales, passed from generation to generation. They were early attempts to find meaning in the world as it is. The Ngarrindjeri peoples called it Kaldowinyeri. Watson (2002, pp. 17-18 ) describes Kaldowinyeri as the naked truth of creation, illuminating the first songs, dreams, visions, thoughts and ideas, as law, culture and spirituality were born. Songs and stories came to life, as a guide to live by. The Dreaming…

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