In Cold Blood Character Analysis

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While interviewing 2 murderers being charged with 4 deaths Capote has seemingly fallen in some sort of love with one of them. In the non-fiction novel, In Cold Blood by Truman Capote the reader sees a clear distinction between Capote's feeling for Perry Smith and for Dick Hickock. Mr. Capote constantly remarks about Perry and all the reasons why he is a bad person, while when discussing Dick, he goes over everything that is wrong with Dick and all the horrible events Dick creates but does not discuss why Dick may be this way contrary to Perry. Capote’s physical attraction towards Perry results in the novel In Cold Blood to be Capote’s way to defend Perry and to cause the reader to feel remorse for Mr. Smith rather than vilifying him for the egregious crimes he committed.
Throughout the novel Capote leaves details out about Dick and the details that are present in the book, turn Dick into a villainous
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Nearly all of the novel is about Perry as the reader barely even knows Dick by the end of the books besides all of his bad qualities. This is the result of Capote framing the murders in the image he desires Perry to be seen in. This is a classic case of an author taking an advantage of their position to present their own agenda at the expense of Dick and his family. Now in print and forever to be studied in English classrooms, all that will be known of Dick is the rapist and the psycho murderer who not only killed humans but also dogs. On the other hand we see Perry the timid man who was troubled throughout his childhood as a result of abusive nuns, an alcoholic mother, and a neglectful father. Although nothing Capote presents is false necessarily, but his neglect to present positive details about Dick is obvious and the reason why is even more

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