The Personality Of Borderline Personality Disorder Essay

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Borderline personality disorder is a personality problem which related to mental illness caused by unstable of self-perception that individual perceived the world in an unusually way, instability emotions , behavior and relationships with other people where it interferes with the person’s capacity to perform normal functions (“,” n.d). Based on what I learned from the psychology lectures, I believe that a person who is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder is most likely to have an irregular size of hippocampus which largely affects the functioning of amygdala on the frontal lobe that affects on the effective of how people regulate emotion and thought.
According to the BPD report from the National Education Alliance Borderline Personality Disorder argues that Borderline Personality disorder is usually hard to diagnose at childhood due to the ongoing of mental development (“,” 2014). Moreover, its symptom are quite similar with most mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, complex post traumatic stress disorder, depression, psychosis and antisocial personality disorder(“,” n.d). Therefore, individuals can be diagnosed BPD if and only if individual is fulfilling all the criteria of Borderline Personality disorder. As most mental disorders, there is no clear explanation of what specific reason caused the development of the borderline personality among all the genders especially on women across…

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