The Person I 'm Picking For This Assignment Essay

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The person I’m picking for this assignment is Kristen Koslowski. She is 19 years old and was born in May 31st 1996. We both have lived in Braidwood Illinois for our whole lives. We have known each other since kindergarten where we went to daycare with each other. My dad has known her parents from when they all went to high school with each other. We also know each other from the Braidwood Rec Club where we both go camping with our families. We didn’t start being friends until we were in fourth grade we were in the same class and became best friends and still are best friends today. She currently works for Bightstar Ambulance in Kankakee Illinois. Growing up she was always extremely shy, and didn’t talk to very many people. I was the total opposite and was very outgoing and talked to almost everyone. One of the five factors in the Big Five Model is Neuroticism and to be a 10 you would have to be anxious, insecure, and self- pitying. To be a 1 you would be considered calm, secure, and self-satisfied. In this category I would give Kristen a three. She is more on the calm side and is very self-satisfies with her appearance especially with her body. Kristen is not someone that worries about small stuff she really doesn’t even worry about where someone is or what they are doing. She only worries if something really bad happens to her family members or friends. Another category in the Big Five Model is Extraversion. To be considered a ten you would have to be sociable,…

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