Essay about The Period Of Enlightenment And Enlightenment

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The period of Enlightenment in the eighteenth century took place in Europe, France, Germany, and England. The era is divided into three parts “The Early Enlightenment:1685-1730, The High Enlightenment:1730-1780, and The Late Enlightenment and Beyond:1780-1815.” (“Enlightenment”) The period of Enlightenment would change the way people viewed the world around them in a way no other era before it had. In order to understand the era of Enlightenments impact on The New world it is imperative to understand what the Enlightenment era is, then look at Ancient Greek philosophers whose philosophy’s may have been the building blocks for reasoning, and then outline the major thinkers who helped to establish The United States of America.
Starting in 1715 through 1780 the Age of Enlightenment or “the Age of Reason” came to fruition. (Sage) According to French and British people started to question European authority and adopted a train of thought centered around the construct “that humanity could be improved through rational change.” ( Staff) Focus shifted to human intellect and the power in its capabilities to create decisions not only for the individual, but for their nation and fellow man. “Societies could be restructured for the betterment of all citizens through rational application of ideas.” (Sage) Deism came to fruition during the enlightenment where God become rejected, miracles questioned and everything is questioned and reasons are sought that reject the…

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