The Peril Of Obedience By Stanley Milgram Essay

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In this article “The Peril of Obedience” Stanley Milgram conducted a series of experiments to determine if people would choose to follow authority or obey their morals. In this series of experiments the experimenter Stanley Milgram found a few contributors to test out his theory. Before he started his experiment he had to pick a teacher and a student, who each got a piece of paper to decide which one is going to give the shocks and which one was going to take the shocks. The learner was strapped up to an electric chair while the teacher would be on the other side talking through a microphone providing word pairs.

The teacher would tell the student a list of words, then the learner read back the list of words and if the student got the word wrong, he would get a shock. Each time the student made a mistake the teacher would increase the amount of shocks. For example, the teacher would call out a word pair like blue, boy or pink, girl and the student had to remember that word pair or else the teacher flipped a switch and the student got a sudden shock. After the teacher applied the shock the student would yell out and the teacher would stop for a second because he was worried he hurt the contestant . The experiment would continue and the “pain” would just get increase every time; at some point the teacher demanded to stop the experiment because he felt bad for
Johnson 2 the student and wouldn’t shock him until he felt he was okay. The experimenter insisted that the teacher…

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