New York City Beauty

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There is so much truth behind the saying, “Every rose has it’s thorn”. It’s the perfect juxtaposition of beauty and pain; the thought of it alone speaks volumes. The thorns bring a perfect balance to the rose without taking away any of its beauty. The rough, dangerous look of the thorns carry uncertainty and fear. Like an animal’s natural instinct, you are cautious before making the approach in fear that danger is ahead. But, the beauty and elegance of the rose petals pulls you in. The delicate petals provide a warmth so sweet and gentle that even Grandma’s hugs might get a run for it’s money. Even the scent of the rose can tickle you pink! Like a rose, New York City is the perfect mix of beauty and pain. The weaknesses and strengths of the …show more content…
New York is a very insecure city. It is full of life, love, and so many other qualities but it just doesn’t see it. Like a butterfly, the city has these big beautiful wings. The colors are vibrant, the patterns are captivating, and they look so majestic in flight. Butterflies cannot see the beauty of their own wings, but the rest of the world can. Just like a butterfly, the city is unaware of all the beauty and power that it holds. New York City can be really violent and rough. Spike Lee, who is a Brooklyn native, released his film Do The Right Thing modeling it after his native borough and the street he grew up on. The movie portrays the city in all of its beauty, but it includes many societal issues that the city deals with. In the movie, cultures clashed when they couldn’t reach a common ground. The movie ended with a neighborhood favorite being killed by the police and the city block burned down to ashes. Culture plays a huge role in New York City. The city is known for being a melting pot of so many different ethnicities that make up the city. Being from different places, people tend to always look at how different they are from one another instead of how similar they are. It is very common for conflict to start when people who are so different from each other come together. Each tries to prove why their culture is better than the other instead of embracing everyone’s culture. This results in competition between everyone, …show more content…
Yin and Yang are two halves that perfectly complete each other. Yin is the dark, aggressive, and weak half. Yang is the bright, insightful, and strong half. Together, they balance each other out and makes a whole. Like Yin and Yang, New York has its strengths and weaknesses that make up the personality of the city. Without the dark side, the city would almost appear as a utopia with everything being “good” all the time. Without the bright side, the city would be disastrous with everything spiraling out of control. Together, they make up the wonderful city we all know and love as New York. It is a city full of wonder and excitement around every corner. The city streets are full of joy and laughter among all of the busy New Yorkers hustling to get to their destinations. Tourists from all over the world travel to the city to see the bright lights and feel the heartbeat of the town. Aspiring actresses, singers, and even writers come to the city to indulge themselves in the rich culture New York inhabits. Being a New York native myself is an honor for me to have. Sometimes, I can’t tell if the city is a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare that I can’t wake up

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