Essay on The People Of Le Comte

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To the people of Fontenay-le-Comte,

I thank you all for having provided me with the opportunity to represent you in the National Assembly. In the past few months, I had listened to and voted on each proposition with only your best interest in mind. Despite my efforts, not only have we lost the National Assembly, we have lost our beloved country of France to Austro-Prussia. Despite the loss of our country, I write to you in good faith that the invasion and takeover of France will in fact greatly benefit you all.
After receiving letters from a number of you, I realized that most of you were upset with the National Assembly and concerned with the state of France as a country. Over and over again, your own government had voted against your wishes. Most notably, it had coerced the Catholic Church to subjugate its powers to the government, directly violating God’s Will. I understand that for all of you, stability and religion continue to be at the forefront of your concerns.
With the events that have recently transpired in our country, the monarchy has been reinstated to their former positions of power. As a result, the revolution has ended and chaos will finally subside in France. The reestablishment of the monarchy has allowed France to regain the potential for greatness that Edmund Burke once accused France of losing. In his Reflections on the Revolution, Burke readily admonishes the French revolutionaries for repudiating the past, for they have torn apart the very…

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