Essay on The Pearl By John Steinbeck

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The story of the The Pearl is about a man and his family who go to extreme measures for wealth. John Steinbeck, a famous American author, wrote the novella, The Pearl. The book The Pearl is a story with a moral of how beauty can bring out the most evil things in life. Kino, one of the main characters, finds a beautiful pearl that will hopefully fulfill his wants in life. Throughout the novel what Kino views that is important in life changes as he tries to cope with resolving his internal conflict.
At the beginning of the story, Kino values his family and his boat most. “Kino heard the creak of the rope when Juana took Coyotito out of his hanging box...Juana sang softly an ancient song...and this was part of the family song too...this is the Whole.”(Steinbeck,3). Kino values his family because they are all he has , he has no money or fancy items, that is why his family makes him feel complete. Kino feels that as a man it is his job to take care and provide for his family and he believes that they are one of the most important things in his life. “Kino and Juana came slowly down to the beach and to Kino’s canoe, which was the one thing of value he owned the world.”(Steinbeck,14). Kino treasures his boat, since it is ancient and is a family heirloom and it is the only object Kino can call his own. Kino also feels that the boat is very important because it will keep him from starving. As of now Kino’s family and boat are his only concerns but it will not be that way for long.…

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