Analysis Of John Steinbeck's The Pearl

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Kino is suspicious about doctor s treatment because poor Kino is doubted about everyone due to the pearl discovery. The doctor pretends that he had always intended to treat the baby. Suspicious of the doctor's motives, Kino tells him that his son is feeling better but the doctor insists that the poison could return in the night and that only he, the doctor, can prevent the young one's death. Doctor treats Coyotito with a pill of white powder that Kino suspects is simply more poison. When the doctor comes to treat Coyotito, Kino didn't trust him. However, he respected the knowledge possessed by the doctor. It was something that Kino had never had a chance to get knowledge to learn. Kino had no alternative but to be cheated because
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The pearl filled with Kino’s hope for Coyotito's future and the possibility of a life free from the shackle of oppression.
After Kino realized how rich a man he turned into, he gradually became greedy. Helonged for material satisfaction, such as new clothes. He also wanted a rifle that meant power and status. Kino would like to improve his life and gain respect from others.
As Kino sought to gain wealth and status through the pearl, the pearl's original advantages disappeared. From then on, Kino started to hear the song of evil.
The pearl, which once was a simple and joyful object, now became destructive and dangerous. It decayed Kino’s mind. Kino changed from a psychogenic healthy person to a inhumane brute. He became so fierce that he hurt his wife because she tried to get rid of the pearl. He became so suspicious that he thought everyone might steal the pearl from him. To protect his pearl, Kino even killed a nameless man. Kino once said,
“It is my misfortune and I will keep it. This pearl has become my soul, if I give it up, I shall lose my soul.” (Chapter 2)
At the end of the story, The pearl transformation occured from a great wealth to an object of absolute immoral.

Q3. The changes of Kino’s

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