The Peace Of American Indian Treaties Essay

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Ben Nighthorse Campbell, a Cheyenne Indian and past U.S Senator, once said, “treaties are promises between two nations. And whether they are going to be valid or not, and whether they are going to last or not, is based on the heart and belief of the people that are participating.” (Harjo,221). This short statement is packed with reference to historical treatment and intent of American Indian treaties, acknowledgement of the continued power of treaty making in the present and the lasting social, economic, legal and strategic impacts of reclaiming sovereignty. These sentiments reveal that treaty making has had an extensive effect on the daily lives, both past and present, of countless American Indians as well as American ideology and law. Throughout American history over 500 treaties were made and all of them were eventually broken. These broken promises to American Indians Nations have disenfranchised their ability to maintain and reclaim their original sovereign status and this still remains as a problem today. This paper will examine the ongoing role of treaties and the relationships they bring about as well as how American Indians vie for sovereign status through case studies of loss of land and international travel. Treaties are can be many things, but most importantly are used to define ongoing relationships between two foreign and sovereign nations (Fletcher 34). The European colonizers and Native Nations at the time of first contact, had vastly different notions of…

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