Essay on The Patent Of Patent Law

1315 Words Apr 7th, 2016 null Page
When people think of the patents they automatically think protection. A closer examination of patents connected to the field of software indicates that companies are abusing patents, which demonstrates an undermining of the integrity of patent law. Currently many powerful companies retain a great quantity of patents and this is leading to an unfair situation in the software world. One person can hold a patent and this prevents other from creating something even better if it is remotely seen as being similar to what is referred to in that original patent. There are software ideas that have patents that really should not within the realm of software development. Finally, the massive acquirement of patents represents an unethical act, which defies the essence of patent protection law. A review of the current patent system is necessary because right now things are not working, demonstrating a need to review and revamp patent law. The ideal of patents presents an ideology that makes sense from an external perceptive. Sag and Rhode take into consideration how the system is in fact failing. The authors boldly argue that the current patent system that exists is in crisis. Currently the topic of the standards of what can or cannot be patented is being called into question. The system is drowning in the patents that are being processed daily (2). Many large companies indicate that the system itself is flawed and this is limiting the creative process that is quite crucial to…

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