The Partition Of India And Pakistan Essay

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August 15, 1947 is the most important day in Indian history. People of India finally got their long awaited independence from the British government on this day. The Punjab province in Northern India was divided into two; the new Muslim country Pakistan was born from the west and the east became part of India. This partition was primarily a result of Hindus and Muslims having major differences in ideals, language, culture, and ethnicity. Although the partition of India had a huge impact on these two countries’ economy and their political system, the majority of the damage was done to the people socially. The families of more than 15 million people were split apart and dislocated. When people were moved to the other country, several riots broke out, resulting in more than two million dead during the migration. The Partition of India majorly deteriorated the lives of many people in both the countries because of the several violent incidents that followed, and it still has a substantial negative effect on the people of today’s India and Pakistan. The partition socially impacted lives of citizens in a negative way as a result of the horrific incidents that took place during the migration. Most of the riots happened in the northern districts of Punjab. A commonly known name for these riots is “The Rape of Rawalpindi” (Meera). In these series of riots, approximately 200,000 to 2,000,000 people were killed (Meera). The amount of violence that took place during the…

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