The Paradise Of Eden, For The Righteous Men Of God Essay

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Imagine a place in America where everyone’s dreams come true. They can live on land where they can experience paradise: living a lavish life with freedom and community. Jesus talked about Heaven, stating that “a new heaven and a new earth” would bring back the “Paradise of Eden” for the righteous men of God (Revelation 21:1-7). However, receiving Paradise comes with a cost; Jesus commanded his people to “carry up their cross and follow Him” when they endure hardship (Matthew 16:24). Since the Fall of Man separated mankind from God, human history consists of the problems, causing separation among brothers. As a Christian, a man has to face persecution because they deny God as their “Lord” (Matthew 10:22). Similarly, racist people intentionally sabotage the paradise Jesus had promised for African Americans; instead of living a lavish lifestyle, Europeans and certain White Americans forced African slaves to trade their lives in Africa for injustice, hardship, and bondage in America. Welcome to the reality of slavery.
Slavery creates a dysfunctional relationship between Whites and African Americans. In today 's society, many African Americans are living with the curse of slavery, where white supremacy underscores freedom rights of African Americans. Racist remarks about African Americans being criminals, poor, and inferior, affects African American communities; it 's no wonder why others displace African Americans spiritually and socially from society. This displacement shows…

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