The Overall Mission Of Nursing Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss nursing and what makes it unique, the overall mission of nursing, why nursing is a profession, and the concept of caring in nursing. I will also give attention to two theorists that I most closely relate to, my definition of nursing, my philosophy statement, and my personal experience that has led me to this field of study and how I will contribute to nursing.

My Definition of Nursing and the Overall Mission My definition of nursing is achieving patient goals through a holistic viewpoint.

Nursing and Its Uniqueness
Nursing is viewing a patient through in a holistic manner while bringing them back to health. Viewing things holistically simply means not only focusing on the health and physical needs of a patient, but also take their physiological, psychosocial, physical, emotional, mental, occupational, and spiritual needs into consideration. Nurses are different from physicians because they see the importance of not only recognizing that a person is ill or injured, but also viewing how they are responding to their condition and how they feel about each situation they go through daily. Who do patients see most throughout the day and get the most answers from? The answer is simple, nurses. A nurse’s primary goal is to complete the healing process in the most effective way, which is seeing the patient as a whole.
Why Nursing is a Profession Nursing is a profession because it requires extensive education, special knowledge, skill,…

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