The Outcome Of Learning Music Essay

1203 Words May 16th, 2016 null Page
The outcome of learning music can help benefit children, by teaching them new skills that they can use later in life. The research conducted by Forgeard, Winner, Norton, & Schlaug (2008) shows that children who take instrumental music lessons have gained more cognitive abilities. The children, who have accessed more of their cognitive abilities, also learn how to sync multiple skills together, which can benefit them in their academic studies. According to the research that was done by Kinney (2008), the 6th-grade band students scored significantly higher on their proficiency test than non-band students; also, as 4th-grade students, they outperformed their counterparts on their proficiency test. There were several literary sources have found that learning music correlates to academic achievement.
In addition to academic achievement, learning music also leads to social benefits. According to Schellenberg (2008), “The results indicate that formal exposure to music in childhood is associated positively with IQ and with academic performance and that such associations are small but general and long lasting” (p. 456). In Schellenberg article, he discusses formal exposure to music as a long lasting effect; I believe the qualities learned in music can help a child to transition successfully onto adulthood. For instance, children who learn to play a musical instrument concentrate for longer periods of time; this can benefit a child in adulthood when they are out in the workforce.…

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