The Origin Of The Culture : The People That Developed Throughout The Geographic Region Between Land Annexed

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The Nacirema people that developed in the geographic region between land occupied by the Canadian Cree and the Yaqui of Mexico is one of the most widely known and studied civilizations in the present. However, despite all the attention given to the Nacirema culture, especially within higher academic circles, several aspects of their ethos have remained elusive and enigmatic. Of particular interest are the mysterious rituals undertaken by the Nacirema which often reveal the inner workings of their society as a whole. One such ritual is the daily attendance of a building known as a myg. Prior to firsthand study of myg buildings and those who attended them, practically nothing was known of the importance or use of the myg. As a result of these studies, mygs are now known to be a part of the larger body culture inherent to the Nacirema people; mygs serve an important role to the Nacirema in their pursuit of physical transcendence and immortality. Foremost, mygs are almost excessive throughout most Nacirema communities. It is rare to encounter a village without at least one, and often a village will have at least three, if not more. Typically, the number of myg buildings corresponds positively to the density of the local population. The physical buildings themselves vary widely. Some can hold hundreds of attendees at once while smaller venues might only house twenty comfortably. Although size may normally be a telling indicator of importance and value within Nacirema culture,…

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