The Origin Of Religion : The Natural Knowledge Of God, Anthropological And Psychological Explanations

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There are various explanations for why humans turn to religion; these include revelation as an origin, the natural knowledge-of-god, anthropological and psychological explanations. These explanations look to where the concept of religion originated. Why do people believe in a higher being and why do individuals act according to the values and practices related to their beliefs? These theories and explanations look to find the reasoning. Revelation as origin is the idea that religion originated through revelation of God through his intervention (via prophet’s visions, personal contact, etc.). As evidenced by Johnstone, “God himself was directly at work instructing his people, and in the process was creating religion through the process of revelation” (23).
Not only is this applicable to Christianity or Judaism, it has also occurred in the origination of Buddhism. Gautama Buddha was said to have a revelation from God during his quest for truth; through this he received heavenly inspiration from which his religious system was developed. Similarly, in both Mormonism and Islam, revelations were the origin of each religion. “John Smith said he received form God the key to translating and interpreting what was on the plates. Muhammad reported to receiving visions (the revelation) from the angel Gabriel in a cave near Mecca” (Johnstone 23). These revelations are presented by God himself, or some higher power in way that alters what is considered the normal course of nature. These…

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