The Oppression Of Sovereign Nations Essay

1135 Words Oct 19th, 2016 5 Pages
Imagine having to conform oneself to a certain way of thinking because someone told you to. Now imagine being governed upon by a certain entity that knows nothing about your country’s struggles and only focuses on the larger picture at hand. Many would point to this example as an empire establishing control over a colony, such as the British empire that once ruled upon the thirteen colonies. However, this is not an example of the past oppression of sovereign nations, this is an example of the current oppression of twenty-eight sovereign nations. While certain nations reap the benefit of being part of this oppressive union known as the European Union, other suffer the consequence of not having a voice in discussions. In turn with certain nations voices being heard over other nations the balance of equality in this union is lost completely. Being a member of the European Union no longer benefits a nation in any substantial way however, it does, increase a country’s security risk, decrease member nations economic stability, and ultimately decrease a country’s freedom. With the threat of global terrorism and civil unrest on the rise throughout the world, security has become a large topic for debate when it comes to the European Union and how they handle this topic. Europe has been the center of major terrorist attacks over the last few months, leading to talks of a new foreign policy plan, however with multiple countries not being able to form a conscience of how to structure…

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