Essay on The Open And Just Society

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Social Justice/Human Rights
The views on an “Open and Just Society” have significantly changed over the years, thanks to Dr. Dorothy Nyswander’s paper The Open Society: Its Implications for Health Educators. Dr. Nyswander proposes four questions throughout her paper, which apply to our health and society in general (Nyswander, 1967). These four questions relate to health because they describe how Dr. Nyswander envisioned the overall health status and society as a whole.
Open and Just Society
After reading The Open Society: Its Implications for Health Educators, I would define an “open and just society” by stating that in order to be an open society, one must accept diversity and accept various backgrounds because we are not all similar. In addition, to define a just society, one must follow the rules and laws that are enforced because they are in place to keep a society safe and running smoothly. In order to be an open and just society, individuals need to be accepting of others no matter what backgrounds they come from and how they were raised. I also believe that in an open and just society, health care needs to be available for each individual as well as access to transportation, grocery stores, and greenspaces. Justice should also be the same for everyone, meaning that when a low-income individual disobeys a law, they are receiving the same exact punishment as someone of a higher wealth class would if they disobeyed the same law. In general, I view society as…

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