Essay about The Only Unnatural Sexual Act By Alfred Kinsey

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"The only unnatural sexual act is that which you cannot perform.” This quote, by Alfred Kinsey, demonstrates the mindset of the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s. The sexual revolution, which gave birth to the ‘Free Love’ movement, resulted in an increase of sexual knowledge in Western cultures. Scientists researched and discussed previously forbidden topics, such as vaginal orgasms and sex-change operations. Middle America threw off the sexual repression and gender roles of the fifties and began the fight for birth control and co-ed dorms. Back in England, a doctor by the name of Alex Comfort began writing a book that would influence many others of its kind. The reason why The Joy of Sex was so popular among couples of the seventies was that there was no other book like it at the time that encouraged premarital sex among couples as a healthy and fun method of bonding. Prior to 1974, the only book that discussed sexual matters for both genders was Marie Stopes’s 1918 classic Married Love. - There had been books about discussing women’s health before 1974, such as Our Bodies, Ourselves. - Married Love was credited with “contribut[ing] massively to the gradual growth of more open attitudes to sex.”, but the couples of the sixties and seventies saw it as outdated. This was the book their parents and grandparents read; as a result, it had little advice to offer the couples who were part of the second sexual revolution. Besides, the ‘Free Love’ movement sought to end…

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