The On The Advertising Sheet Essay example

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On the advertising sheet from December the third 1722 I found the post directly under the prolific ad for the Famous Mr. Fawks to be particularly interesting. “On Monday night,” in the winter of 1722 somebody made a comically classical mistake of leaving their homework on the bus. I love how the writer of this ad felt the need to clarify that he wont inquire into the intentions of anyone willing to willing take possession another mans paper work. This ad seems about a fruitless as any modern missed connection ad on the internet today. I also find the ad for the apothecary to be akin to the pop ups you get on a trash website. “Meet Gentlewoman, she used to have an awful stomach pain, then she tried the herbs from John Moore apothecary and now all of her worms are gone!”
I find the advertisements for what is to to be published in the Evening Posts’ December 13, 1722 issue to be a particularly interesting reflection of the interests of the people of the time. At the top of the list is the glamorous story for the upper crust of the roman empire, so it can be inferred that the people of this time liked both history and a peek into the lives of the ultra-wealthy. Then there are two advertisements for religious texts demonstrating the importance the church played in the life of a person living in 1722. Next, educational “cards” on many topics are being advertised showed how education is becoming more easily accessible to those in the merchant class. The Page goes on to show an…

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