The Olympics Of Sochi, And The Global Stage Of Economics, Technology, Politics And Culture

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The Olympics in Sochi have multiple dialectical relationships between the events that took place, the host country of Sochi, and the global stage of economics, technology, politics, and culture. The events in Sochi have a dialectal relationship with Sochi in that they occurred there, the people in Sochi and the terrain of Sochi also effected the way the events were run, and how the fans of different countries interacted during the events. The events in Sochi also effected Sochi economically, it cost Sochi a lot of money to build their facilities, while this did attract many people to Sochi, it left their economy in turmoil after the events, as the cost to the town of building these facilities was great. Technology effected the events of the Olympics in that it changed the way the athletes participated in them, advances in technology allowed for smoother snowboarding, faster skiing, better curling, and also ended up with Olympic Bobsledder not only getting stuck in a bathroom, but also getting stuck in an elevator. The politics of Sochi were affected by the events in that it brought many countries together and allowed some to set aside their differences for the duration of the games. Culturally, many new people came to Sochi and many cultures were shared and sports were played by athletes from countries that wouldn’t normally play that sport. The economics of the Sochi Olympics were also affected by corporate sponsorship, on the global scale. A sponsor such as McDonalds has…

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