Essay on The Olympic Hockey Team 's Victory Over The Soviet Union

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The 1980 U.S Olympic Hockey team’s victory over the Soviet Union is seen as one of, if not the greatest sports moment of the 20th century. Many believe that it was just a hockey game in which the U.S upset the Soviet Union. However, it was much more than just a game. In fact there were a lot of things that make it viewed as one of the greatest sports moments of the 20th century. It still has a lasting impact on the growth and development of American hockey today and has helped make the game become more popular throughout the world. So what makes it so memorable and important that we still talk about it today? One of the main reasons this game will go down as one of the ‘greatest sports moments of the 20th century is due to the time period in which the game occurred, and the politics and world events surrounding the game. There were a lot of things that play into why this game is remembered as such a great moment in sport’s history. Another very important factor to keep in mind is the Olympic rules at the time, and how they hindered the American’s chances to defeat the Soviets. Lastly, team USA’s Head Coach, Herb Brooks was faced with a lot of challenges while selecting, developing, and training the chose players for the United States. These three things, the time period and world events surrounding the game, the Olympic rules, and Herb Brooks’ coaching challenges, are the main reason why today people remember this game as one of the greatest sports moments of the 20th…

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