The Old Woman Is The Best Off, By The Young Men Essay

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In Borson’s “Talk”, the young men are the best off, followed by the old women. This is because the old women have learned the value of talk, in a way. The old women know everything. Everything they learned, they gained through experience. The old women know and understand value, but they too are still learning. However, they know enough not to teach the young women. There is a distinction between telling and teaching value. The old women can tell them about value, about the value of oranges, of their bodies, of themselves, of everything, but they cannot teach them value. This is not for selfish reasons or because it dilutes their experience. They do not tell the young women value because this lack of knowledge provides them a barrier of protection. Nor do they teach the young women value, because they cannot make them understand value, as they cannot simply hand over their experience.
The old women learned the value of talk through experience; they cannot simply transfer this knowledge to the young women because they will not understand. The old women became “thrifty with words” (9). In the past, they dealt with the young men who were enticed by the idea of them. The young men wanted to “own” them when they were younger. They learned the value of talk because they feared this idea of becoming a possession. They had to learn “everything/ on their own” (12-13), but it is because of this they learned the value of talk. The lineation emphasizes “on their own,” it is isolated,…

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