Essay on The Old Man And The Sea

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There is no doubt that with a blind eye, society is able to witness that to the tip of the atmosphere to the bare minerals on the ground that nature is important in everyday life. It is what makes up Earth and creates a place where a diversity of humans can thrive and become who they strive to be. Whether it be the air, water, animals or even the other earthly elements, they all contain particular traits that make up the environment that people consider to have in common. The idea of this is rather odd but with today’s internet access, one cannot say they have not taken a quiz to see what percent of animal or element they relate to the most. Even in literature, characters appear to portray numerous aspects of nature in the reader’s eyes. Now one may ask who in literature would write so tediously and uniquely about nature that conveys the character’s qualities and that is simply, Ernest Hemingway. Particularly in The Old Man and the Sea, the characters evolve around descriptive yet symbolic aspects of nature everywhere. At first it appears unimportant but after delving into the book it is indeed convincing that the characters do so. Therefore, how does Ernest Hemingway associate his characters to nature in the book, The Old Man and the Sea? In this award winning book, animals play a major role that simply characterize the character’s in a complex manner. Mary Ellen, a crossword puzzle constructor, who deals with researching facts for the mind puzzling puzzles, according to…

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